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Our TESTIMONY is our story and reveals how Jesus has changed our life.  With it we can witness to this world of the transforming power of God in our lives.  If you would like to record your testimony, click the “submit personal testimony” button, or email abel@houstonsda.org.


At West Houston SDA we aim to lead people to Jesus who, by the Spirit, leads us to a transformed life and makes us a people who look forward to the soon return of our Saviour Jesus and a people who crave to bring others with us.


This page is intended to inspire and strengthen you.  Watch some stories and understand that we are all in the same place.  We are all broken, we are all in need of Jesus and we are all changed by accepting His sacrifice on the cross and we are all looking forward to eternity because of His resurrection.  Be refreshed and encouraged!  You are not alone!

Testimony Videos
Be refreshed and inspired by the testimonies of some of our members and be sure to give them a hug and let them know what you thought next time you see them!