Adventist Prophetic Mission
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Adventist Prophetic Mission

Who We Are

“We are servants of the most high God gratefully fulfilling the Christian mission of preparing and equipping our brothers and sisters of all backgrounds to gain the confidence in the Gospel truths that compels us to call out to the world of Jesus’ soon return through the Three Angels’ Messages”

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Prophecy Forum

The Adventist Prophetic Mission at WHSDA is dedicated to building a community and making disciples of our foundational and timely truths found in the Word of God.


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Content Library

We invite you to explore our content library to learn more about what the Adventist Prophetic Mission is all about and what Biblical truth means in history, for today and future.

THE CROSS AND ITS SHADOW. The book is the result of many years of prayerful study of the types and symbols of the sanctuary service, a message nearly lost in modern day Christianity. This swift read is sent forth with a prayer that the reading of it may arrest the attention of the thoughtless, give the Christian new views of Christ’s character, and lead many into the sunlight of God’s love.


The Cross and Its Shadow


THE BIBLE HANDBOOK. Do you have questions about Bible-based religion? Or maybe you have felt like you know the truth but wish you had quick references to the supporting texts? This is the book for you including over 150 brief and reference study guides! Download and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth. Don’t forget to share after that too.


The Bible Handbook


NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW. Headlines like prayer Banned in public school, cake makers being prosecuted for staying true to religious conscious, requests for minister’s sermons by state officials, the post-modernism world views pressing the “God Bless” out of America! Like an overly stretched rubber band, could a response to these seismic social forces move America’s emphasis on religious liberty to an unhealthy extreme? Is the United States in prophecy? The National Sunday Law is a great tool for sharing with the world America’s role in the awesome fulfillment of Jesus Promise to return for his people.


National Sunday Law


TRUTH TRIUMPHANT. Have you ever wondered how the Holy Scriptures lasted the test of time, dictators, despotic leaders intact. Thanks to scholars like Benjamin George Wilkinson who diligently researched while led by the Holy Spirit you can become better equipped to share with a post-modern world that the Word of God has been preserved through History so that you and I seek the “old ways” and walk side-by-side with a friend like Jesus. Check out Truth Triumphant and we pray you will be inspired to finish the race as those who came before us.


Truth Triumphant

ROME’S CHALLENGE. A favorite of this member. And you thought we were experiencing a cultural revolution in 2019? In 19th century religious and cultural revolution were accelerating at a screaming pace. In the last decade the citizens were demanding of their government a National Sunday Law. Want to know what the Catholic Church thought of this movement? Read this compilation of articles published by the Church of Rome and how she explains her claims to change times and laws.


Rome's Challenge


DANIEL AND REVELATION. Commentaries abound but a concise explanation of the prophetic books of the bible is hard to find. This gold mine of historical scholarship, recently updated, defines the Seventh-Day Adventist stance and eschatological understanding of Revelation and Daniel. Every soldier of the Lord and student of biblical prophecy, no matter culture, creed or age, must read this book.


Daniel and Revelation


PRINCIPLES OF LIFE FROM THE WORD OF GOD. We are living in a day where bibles are plentiful but there is a famine for Biblical Truth like never before!! Could this deficit in Biblical Theology end up setting the church adrift in waters of apostasy? Consider if hearts and minds with Biblical knowledge which never get beyond the ABC’s of the Christian faith?  Will we have the perceptions required to discriminate between true and false in a world where evil is called good and good called evil?  It’s time, as the Apostle Paul said, to move beyond the rudiments (Heb 6:1-3).  Are you hungry for a reset in your personal bible study and a grounding in truth?  Download this study guide and be ready for the divine opportunities to share the principles of life founded on a plain “thus saith the Lord” and the Spirit of Prophecy!!


Principles from the Word