West Zoom Community
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West Zoom Meetings

Zoom Video Conferencing is West’s answer to the question about how to connect in a world of isolation and distance. Brothers and Sisters in Christ must come together and technology is giving us opportunities to do just that.

Our Zoom Communities

Browse through our Zoom communities and feel free to join.  It’s simple, just click on the community link at the appointed time.

Using Zoom

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online video conferencing tool that allows us to have prayer meeting, Bible study, and any other meeting you might have in person but allows groups of any size to meet together “face-to-face” online. You can see, hear and engage with each other in real time. Zoom allows you to share documents, images, presentations and more on the screen.


How do I use Zoom?
If you are just attending a meeting, click on the link for the Zoom Meeting and follow the directions. Zoom is simple to install on your computer and phone. When you click to participate or receive an invitation, simply follow the directions. You will click on a link, install an application on your computer and then be be guided to the video conference. Ask your Ministry Leader/ Video Conference Host for help if you need it!