West Zoom Community
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West Zoom Meetings

Zoom Video Conferencing is West’s answer to the question about how to connect in a world of isolation and distance. Brothers and Sisters in Christ must come together and technology is giving us opportunities to do just that.


For Children’s Sabbath School Zoom Meetings check with your Sabbath School leader or email Domingo: Domingo1002@windstream.net

Our Zoom Communities

Browse through our Zoom communities and feel free to join.  It’s simple, just click on the community link at the appointed time.

Using Zoom

How do you do that?

Zoom is new for many of us and there may be questions if you are responsible for scheduling a meeting and use the features, click on the tutorial link to go to Zoom’s website tutorial page and view the videos.


However, if you are just joining, click on the link for the meeting that you want to join and follow the directions.  Get in contact with the Host with any question on how to join the meeting or if you have issues.