West Houston SDA | Prison Ministry
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Prison Ministry

About This Project
About this Ministry

We visit Carol Vance Prison in Rosenberg Texas and teach Amazing Facts Bibles studies and preach sermons. We have a powerful singing music ministry and we hold Sabbath worship services. Then, we close in a prayer circle and sometimes just sit down and talk to the inmates and get to know them personally.


During the holidays we distribute hygiene packs, socks and Bible tracks to every inmate on the unit even to those that do not attend our program. We go in their cells during the holidays and take gifts directly to them. We also give an Amazing Facts leather bound Prophecy study Bible to everyone that completes all 27 Amazing Facts lessons. After that, we offer Revelation Speaks Peace via correspondence. We have a book club that inmates can order 1 free SOP by ELLEN WHITE book each month. We mail out hundreds of books a month to different prisons both State & Federal and county jails all over the country


The goal is to change lives Spiritually, Physically, Financially through the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony and through teaching the 3 Angels messages, we prepare disciples to finish the work and get prepared to see Jesus!



West Houston SDA – Conference Room



Every 3rd and 4th Sabbath of the month from 2pm-4:30pm


Point of Contact

Director: Harold Helm
(619) 646-7542


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