West Houston SDA | Celebrating Life in Recovery with Cheri Peters (May 17-19)
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Celebrating Life in Recovery with Cheri Peters (May 17-19)

About This Project

RSVP for the lunch event on May 18th, here:


Revelation Seminar Registration


May 17 at 7 pm: Fellowship Hall

May 18 at 11:20: Sanctuary

May 18 at 2 pm: Fellowship Hall  (Lunch served, please RSVP at the link above)

May 19 at 10am: Meeting with those interested in starting a recovery program.

“Celebrating Life in Recovery” takes a biblical approach to restoring people to sanity. Participants are part of a supportive group who open up to each other and to God, allowing His Spirit to lead them into healing. Powerful real-life stories are used from the popular television series, “Celebrating Life in Recovery,” hosted by Cheri on Three Angels Broadcasting Network (www.3abn.org). Sessions are led by people already in recovery, sharing their own journey to healing. In that supportive environment members learn to surrender to God and let Him guide them through the process of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual recovery.